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It truly is envisioned that as many as four million americans be afflicted by fundamental or secondary lymphedema. in accordance with the yank melanoma Society, of the 2 million breast melanoma survivors within the united states, nearly 400,000 needs to take care of lymphedema each day. a hundred Questions & solutions approximately Lymphedema presents solutions to the most typical questions from sufferers and kin approximately lymphedema, a painful continual swelling of the extremities, frequently linked to melanoma remedy.

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17. Will air travel cause lymphedema? The air pressure around us is supportive of our skin and our blood vessels. It gently pushes against us to support our vessels and prevents too much fluid from escaping into the tissue. During a flight, the air pressure in the airplane decreases from the normal pressure we are used to on the ground to a much lower pressure at a high altitude. The decreased pressure within the plane’s cabin applies less of a force against our skin and allows more fluid to escape into the tissue.

Lymphedema can occur in any part of the body, not just arms and legs. It can occur in the face, neck, chest, breast, and genitals, and it can be very difficult to treat in these locations. Lymphatics are present in all parts of the body that are covered with skin; thus, lymphedema can occur anywhere in the body. If swelling occurs in a body region where lymphatics have been damaged, the resultant swelling is lymphedema. Breast lymphedema, sometimes seen after breast conservation surgeries and radiation therapy, can be very problematic.

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