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By Hilary Spence

The enjoyable of naming your child. sooner than you dedicate your baby to a reputation for all times, flick thru this publication. ceremonial dinner your mind's eye on an unlimited variety of decisions from the modern to the normal, and from the preferred to the subtle. You by no means observed such a lot of how one can christen your child with variety and suitability. significant names, musical names, mystical names - they're all during this e-book.

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A warrior who fought with a spear Cecilia (Latin) The patron saint of music (Cecelia, Cecil, Cecile, Cecily, Cele, Celia, Cicely, Ciel, Cissie, Sileas, Sisile, Sisle, Sisley, Sissie) Cecily see Cecelia Cedrella (Latin) 'Silver fir tree' Cein (Celtic) 'Jewel' Ceinlys (Welsh) 'Sweet gems' Ceinwen (Welsh) 'Beautiful gems' Ceiridwen (Welsh) The goddess of bardism (Ceri, Kerridwen) Celandine (Greek) 'Swallow', 'yellow water flower' (Celandon) Celene see Selena Celeste (Latin) 'Heavenly'. A woman of divine beauty (Cele, Celesta, Celestina, Celestine, Celestyna, Celia, Celina, Celinda, Celinka) Celia see Cecelia or Celeste Celine see Ancelin Celinka see Celeste Celo (Greek) 'Flame-like' Celosia (Greek) 'Burning flame' (Kelosia) Cerelia (Latin) 'Spring-like'.

One who knows her own mind (Alciana, Alcinette) Alcinette see Alcina Alda (Teutonic) 'Wise and rich' (Eada, Elda) Aldara (Greek) 'Winged gift' Aldis (Old English) 'From the old house' Aldora (Anglo-Saxon) 'Of noble rank' (Aelda, Aeldra) Alegria (Spanish) 'Happiness' see also Allegra Alejandra see Alexandra Alena (Russian) Form of Helen (Aleen, Aleena, Alenah, Alene, Alenka, Allene, Alyna) Alenka see Alena Aleria (Latin) 'Eagle-like' Alesha see Alice or Alisha Alessandra see Alexandra Alethea see Alice or Althea Aletta (Latin) 'Little wing', 'bird-like' Alex see Alexandra Alexandra (Greek) 'The helper of mankind'.

Feminine of Egbert (Egberte, Egbertha, Egberthe, Egbertina, Egbertine) Eglantine (French) 'The wild rose' (Eglantina, Eglintyne, Eglyntine) Eiblin (Gaelic) 'Pleasant' (Eveleen) Eidann see Edana Eileen see Aileen or Helen Eilien (Greek) 'Light' Eilwen (Welsh) 'Fair brow' Eir (Norse) 'Peace and mercy'. The goddess of healing Eirene see Irene Eirian (Welsh) 'Silver' Eiric see Henrietta Eirlys (Welsh) 'Snowdrop' Eirwen (Welsh) 'Snow-white' Ekata (Sanskrit) 'Unity' Ekaterina see Catherine Elaine (French) French form of Helen (Lainey) see also Helen Elama (Greek) 'From the mountains' Elana (Hebrew) 'Oak tree' Elane see Helen Elata (Latin) 'Lofty, noble'.

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