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The main thorough, cogent, and lavishly illustrated survey of paintings within the Western culture, Janson's background of paintings has now been thoroughly redesigned and up to date to make it the last word visually and intellectually fascinating source for this present day. Timelines; word list; bibliography; index. 1,266 illustrations, greater than 775 in complete colour.

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Their pro- portions, the feeling of strength or resilience The development of Giza. reaches in the its the pyramid climax during the Fourth Dynasty famous triad of great pyramids at Giza of the familiar, smooth-sided shape. They originally had an outer casing of (fig. 33), all ART FOR THE DEAD: EGYPT 33. The Pyramids of Mvcerinus. c. c; Chefren. dressed stone, which has disappeared except near the top of the Pyramid of Chefren. Clustered about the three great pyramids are several smaller ones and a large number of mastabas for members of the royal family and high officials, but the unified funerary district of Zoser has given way to a simpler arrangement.

Architecture originally shared with other statues a vivid coloring, which lent • When we speak of the Egyptians' attitude to- ward death and afterlife as expressed in their tombs, we must be careful to make it clear that we do not mean the attitude of the average Egyptian but only that of the small aristo- around the royal court. cratic caste clustered The tombs of the members of this class of (who were often relatives of the royal family) are usuallv found near the pharaohs' tombs, and their shape and contents high officials reflect, ments or are related of.

Height Museum, Baghdad, and The Oriental Institute. 2 cm). Iraq is AXCIEXT XEAR EASTERX ART religious architecture, straight, single axis in contrast to • 55 the of Egvptian temples (see fig. 36). Sculpture the god to whom the "White Temple" was dedicated is lost— it was probablv Anu, the god of the skv— but other temples have vielded stone statuarv. A group of figures from Tell Asmar (fig. 42). contemporary with the Pvramid of King Zoser. shows the geometric and expressive aspects of sculpture from the earlv dvnastic period.

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