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Акт самой смерти и ритуалы окружающие ее чрезвычайно различны и проливают свет на культуры, частью которых они являются. В этой краткой и живой истории Дуглас Дэйвис - международно признанный ведущим экспертом в этой области - рассматривает некоторые из самых существенных аспектов смерти и складывает их в незабываемую историю наших отношений к смерти.Темы книги: Смерть - психологические аспекты; Смерть - религиозные аспекты; Смерть - социальные аспекты; Смерть в искусстве


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This is especially the case when guardians of public morality are believed to have abused their position. While we develop this theme in the final chapter in relation to my ‘theory of offending death’ as applicable to various Parting’s Sweet Sorrow 43 national tragedies, it is applicable here for cases of personal bereavement which are deemed to be unfair. So, for example, while the death of an aged parent is often felt to be part of the natural scheme of things, with relatives experiencing grief, they do not regard the death as unnatural or unfair.

Religious reformations or revivals, for example, confer a sense of the truthfulness of religious belief and add an increased charge to their power. In a rather analogous way, for example, the experience of romantic love is one in which life and the world may seem to change, an experience not restricted to one historical period of any single culture as was once assumed (Jankowiak 1995). The role of dreams and visions, along with the powerful insight of some scientific discoveries and the transforming nature of religious conversion, may all reinforce the human conviction that life is mysterious and that individuals are, themselves, sites of change.

A liberal and judiciously balanced preference for life at all costs and for a life lacking suffering. Some would like to interpret the acts of self-destruction and of terrorist-enforced death as some sort of pathological or primitive tribalism, and there may well be elements of that involved, but what cannot be ignored is the power of an identity gained from such self-sacrifice and in the life leading up to it. The thought that death is but the entry to paradise with full honours must constitute one of religion’s major achievements: far from fearing death it can now, openly, be embraced.

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