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By P. C. Sandler

During this magisterial paintings, Paulo Sandler keeps to tell apart himself as a most advantageous pupil at the works of Bion. Already popular for his encyclopedic zeal, this current e-book maintains Sandler's tireless seek of Bion's contributions through this noteworthy medical program of Bion's ideas.

A significant function of Sandler's method of learning Bion has been to contextualize the history of Bion's assumptions. In so doing, he investigates cultural and old antecedents, specifically together with the philosophical and clinical issues of view. From them Sandler selects Romanticism to discover futher: one of several features of Romanticism is mind's eye, at top artistic, but additionally idealization and hyperbole.

Sandler additionally discusses Bion's approach of being "scientific", one impressive point of that is his designated use of theories, which he distinguishes from types.

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I think that at the theoretical level, their interdependence does not hamper the separate study of each. Conversely, the latter does not preclude the former. It will depend if one is functioning as a factor or as a function. But in the clinical session, as we shall see, it may be useful to regard Minus K either as a link or as a transformation. If this were true, what would be the link when the transformations in Minus K are at work? A transformation always has its accompanying paradoxical counterpart, the invariant (Bion, 1965; Sandler, 2005).

The defusing of the instincts of love and hate is a Freudian term. Klein extended it after observing the difficulties of achieving a sense of a whole object. The problem—both in patients and in refractory analysts—is seeing the two groups of instincts as simply opposed, rather than complementary and ever-moving poles, one being conditional on the other. As a kind of fringe benefit stemming from focusing on −L/−H, it seemed to me that considering the L/H pair together with the −L/−H pair helps in realising the wholeness implied in the functioning of the former.

My worthy friend, grey is all theory, / And green alone Life’s golden tree” (Mephistopheles in Goethe’s Faust, quoted in Freud, 1924, p. 149). 3. See Chapter Eight on binocular vision. 4. The difference between (Kantian) models, analogies and theories will be discussed in Volume 3 of this work; see also Bion, 1962, 1963, and Sandler, 1997–2003. 5. In listening to critics, perhaps a warning from “ironies of history” (Deutscher, 1966) may be useful. The immanent temporal fashion they carry inflicted injustice, lack of apprehension and difficulties into the lives and even survival of people like Van Gogh, Glenn Gould, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and Freud—to quote just a few in a universe that proves to be infinite—their names are legion.

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