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What one does find, however, are many references to unattractive behavior associated with these religions, and it is in this regard that the distinctions drawn in the excerpt quoted above merit further consideration. As a belief system, religion may be seen as true or false, which is to say it should rightly be construed as a set of opinions to which one subscribes, and is for that reason arguably of no interest to a liberally constituted government. As a code of conduct, however, valuations of goodness or badness come into play, providing a much weaker rationale for government to maintain its indifference to religious activity.

Douglas wrote a book (based on his Tagore Lectures) about the Indian constitutional system. Douglas 1956. , McGowan; Seeger; Sherbert). Douglas was a sympathetic observer of the Indian experience. At the same time, he used it to highlight some of the distinctive and desirable characteristics of the American approach. 9 Tocqueville 1945, vol. 2, 28. NATIONS AND CONSTITUTIONS 25 position as truer to the nation’s ideals, the perception of a characteristically American constitutional segmentation of the spiritual and temporal domains still stands.

But its root lies in restraint in regard to speech, which means that there should be no extolment of one’s own sect or disparagement of other sects on inappropriate occasions and that it should be moderate in every case even on appropriate occasions. On the contrary, other sects should be duly honoured in every way on all occasions. . If a person acts in this way, he not only promotes his own sect but also benefits other sects. But, if a person acts otherwise, he not only injures his own sect but also harms other sects.

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