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*Lesson outlines express how the framework can be utilized to devise classes *Includes over two hundred rules for projects for lecture room use and photocopiable concentration Pages to be used in instructor education periods

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In imperatives, the subject you is understood but not said. Phone him yourself We can use many verbs that take an object with a reflexive pronoun. He cut himself shaving. If wre want to emphasise that someone does something without help, wre use a reflexive pronoun at the end of a clause. I decorated the whole room myself! We use by + reflexive pronoun to mean on your own or alone. Since his wife died, he’s been living by himself. We use reciprocal pronouns to say that each person did the same action to another or others.

TUeve ave always lots of people tUeve. 1 usually buy ice oreaw, packet of sweets av\<{ v\ewspapev. TUev\ I go to beacU av\d sit ov\ kev\cU reading v\ewspapev\ Sowetiwes I look up at clouds iv\ sky av\d watcU seagulls flyiv\g over sea. / s Board gap-fill 1) Prepare a short text containing a, an, the and 0 (zero article), see above for an example. Construct the text carefully so that the article usage exemplifies the points you wish to teach. 2) Write up the first sentence on the board, substituting any articles with gaps.

No) Is this her book? (Yes) Who does the book belong to? ’ (Yes) How7can I say the same thing in only three words? (This is hers) Adapt this model for This is mine, This is ours etc. Meaning and use Belonging Possessives often tell us who things belong to. That’s my diary. Ours is the third house on the left. 41 Relationship They can also be used to indicate a relationship. Isn't that your Uncle Gunter? That friend of yours - what's her name again? We use possessive adjective + own to emphasise that something is related to or belongs to someone.

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