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By Lauren Haney

The Gods blessed Lieutenant Bak, head of the Medjay police, with a unprecedented brilliance -- that's why he's the single to whom his commander turns in a time of desire. The explorer Minnakht has vanished into the colossal and cruel Egyptian barren region -- or maybe has strayed perilously as regards to Queen Maatkare Hatshepsut’s well-guarded turquoise mines -- and ahead of Bak sails north on a brand new project he's to find the lacking guy. yet evil is touring with him and his Medjays within the caravan they accompany eastward. an individual -- or whatever -- is answerable for the unusual rash of deaths that's quickly thinning the numbers in their fellow tourists. an easy look for a lacking adventurer turns into a twisted knot of treachery and blood -- one who threatens to strangle the lifestyles from Bak and his males and go away them buried for all eternity underneath the blistering sands.

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Someone must’ve made him their prisoner or, as reluctant as I am to think the worst, he may’ve been slain. ” Before leaving Waset, Bak had questioned a seasoned officer who had escorted prisoners and supplies through the Eastern Desert and across the sea to the turquoise and copper mines. He thought of all the man had told him: the long treks between watering places, the enormous and rugged wadis and mountains, the immense sea with its endless coastline and multitude of islands. How could he hope to find one small man in a land so vast?

A donkey brayed; its rear hooves shot through the air as it tried to shake off its load. One of the nomad drovers separated a gray donkey from the rest and led it across the sand to a spot twenty or so paces away from the trees and slightly farther from the well and User’s camp. He stopped near a clump of bushes, spoke a few words in his own tongue, a murmur from so far away, and repeated himself in a louder voice. ” “A man camped there through the night,” User explained. ” Scowling, he strode across the sand.

Bak asked. ” Thuty spoke in a low murmur so the commander, standing at the top of the gangplank, talking with the master of his traveling ship, would not hear. “I’ve often suspected that his son’s wanderlust has more to do with the urge to be free of his parent than with curiosity about the world beyond the horizon. Nonetheless, he’s a friend. A good friend. ” “Sir . ” Thuty raised a hand, staving off objections. “You’ve no wife or family to care for, no responsibilities other than to me. ” “How many times must I remind you, sir?

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