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"AC computer structures" stresses either research tools and working performances of AC computer structures, together with variable pace force process of AC machines with strength electronics and regulate units, energy strength procedure composed of AC machines and gear traces, certain computing device method with unique machines and designated rather a lot, electrical laptop procedure inclusive of AC machines and excitation units. in accordance with a unmarried coil, the Multi-Loop idea is punctiliously defined, and examples of ways to take advantage of the hot procedure are provided. This e-book offers a brand new approach for examining the AC computing device structures. This ebook is designed for the researchers and postgraduates within the box of electrical machines and keep watch over. it is also a reference booklet for similar technicians.

This e-book is written in reminiscence of Professor Jingde Gao, past-president of Tsinghua college, Member of chinese language Academy of Sciences. one other authors, Linzheng Zhang and Xiangheng Wang either are Professors in electric Engineering Dept. of Tsinghua University.

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Because the electric machine stator loops are composed of related coils, it is very easy to calculate the inductances of every loop based on the inductances of associated coils. At first, let us study the simple loop composed of two coils a1 , a2 as in Fig. 1. Suppose that La1 , La2 are self inductances of coils a1 and a2 , M a1a2 is mutual 19 AC Machine Systems inductance between the two coils, then, in terms of the basic definition of the inductance, it is known that the self inductance of the whole loop-a (branch) is La \a \ a \ a i i 1 2 The flux-linkages of coils a1 and a2 are, respectively \a \ a a \ a a \a \ a a \ a a 1 2 1 1 1 2 2 1 2 2 where \ a1a1 ,\ a2 a2 are self flux-linkages, \ a1a2 or \ a2 a1 is the mutual flux-linkage of the two coils.

24) will be obtained. 24) reflect this feature. This is in accord with the rule, because stator iron is round. e. they are time-variant coefficients. Firstly, the mutual inductance between stator single coil AAc and excitation winding is calculated. 19). The flux-linkage in stator coil AAc owing to k -th harmonic air gap flux density is \ fak wKW l ES ES B fkm cos kxdT S ³  wKW l ES J ES B fkm cos kxdx S ³   J where T x  J . 3) It may be seen that the mutual inductance depends upon the rotor position.

7), Te is consistent with rotor rotation direction, that is Te is driving torque. e. 8) When the rotor motion equation of the electric machine is set up, the generator is considered as a standard, such as in Fig. 1. 9) dZ is angular dt acceleration. 10) where the unit of J is mechanical radian; the unit of t is s ; the unit of Tm and Te is N ˜ m; the unit of J is kg ˜ m 2 . 11) where P is the pole pair number of the electric machine. In practice, per-unit value is adopted mostly in the above formula.

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