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By Bruce Snyder, Dejan Bosanac, Rob Davies

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Applications in organisations have to converse, most typically performed by means of messaging. Apache ActiveMQ is an open-source implementation of the Java Message carrier (JMS), which gives messaging in Java applications.

ActiveMQ in Action is an intensive, useful advisor to imposing message-oriented platforms utilizing ActiveMQ and Java. Co-authored by means of one of many major ActiveMQ builders, Bruce Snyder, the e-book starts off with the anatomy of a center Java message, then strikes quick via basics together with information patience, authentication and authorization. Later chapters disguise complex good points comparable to configuration and function tuning, illustrating every one thought with a working real-world inventory portfolio application.

Readers will discover ways to combine ActiveMQ with Apache Geronimo and JBoss, and tie into either Java and non-Java applied sciences together with AJAX, .NET, C++, Ruby, and the Spring framework.

buy of the print publication comes with a proposal of a unfastened PDF, ePub, and Kindle publication from Manning. additionally on hand is all code from the book.

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Technologies such as those discussed in chapter 2 (COM, CORBA, DCE, and EJB) using RPC are considered to be tightly coupled. Using RPC, when one application calls another application, the caller is blocked until the callee returns control to the caller. 1 depicts this concept. 1 is blocked until the callee (application two) returns control. Many system architectures use RPC and are successful. But there are numerous disadvantages to such a tightly coupled design: most notable is the higher amount of maintenance required, since even small changes ripple throughout the system architecture.

In the second terminal, move into the example directory and look at its contents as shown in the following listing. xml conf perfharness ruby src transactions The example directory contains a few different items. xml—An Ant build configuration for use with the Java examples.  conf—The conf directory holds configuration information for use with the Java examples.  perfharness—The perfharness directory contains a script for running the IBM JMS performance harness against ActiveMQ.  ruby—The ruby directory contains some examples of using Active MQ with Ruby and the STOMP connector.

Similar in concept to using the JDBC API to access data in relational databases, JMS clients use the JMS API for standardized access to the messaging service. Many JMS providers (including ActiveMQ) include features beyond those required by JMS. It’s worth noting that a 100% pure JMS client would only use the JMS APIs and would avoid using such additional features. But the choice to use a particular JMS provider is often driven by the additional features offered. If a JMS client uses such additional features, this client may not be portable to another JMS provider without a refactoring effort.

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