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By G.F. Ball, J. Balthazart, M. Hidaka, I. Novak, M. Wheatly

Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology is helping biologists, physiologists, and biochemists preserve music of the huge literature within the box. supplying complete, built-in studies and sound, serious, and provocative summaries, this sequence is a needs to for all energetic researchers in environmental and comparative physiology.

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United League Graphic & Printing, Hong Kong, pp 87-90 Martinez JR, Cassity N (1983) Effects of transport inhibitors on secretion by perfused rat submandibular gland. Am J Physiol 245:G711-G716 Martinez JR, Cassity N (1984) Effects of ouabain and furosemide on saliva secretion induced by sympathomimetic agents in isolated, perfused rat submandibular glands. Experientia 40:557-559 Martinez JR, Cassity N (1985a) CI- requirement for saliva secretion in the isolated, perfused rat submandibular gland.

For example, in the rabbit mandibular gland fluid secretion evoked by cholinergic stimulation is ten times higher than that produced by p-adrenergic stimulation, yet the protein concentration of cholinergic saliva is about ten times lower (Case et al. 1980b; Novak et al. 1984). Even with cholinergic stimulation, the dose of acetylcholine required for optimal fluid secretion is different to that for optimal protein secretion (Case et al. 1980b, 1988). Such a dissociation between fluid and protein secretion is perhaps even greater when one compares salivary glands and the pancreas.

In: Zelles T (ed) Saliva and salivation, Adv Physiol Sci vol 28. Pergamon, Akademiai Kiado, Oxford, pp 29-34 Evans LAR, Pi rani D, Cook DI, Young JA (1986) Intraepithelial current flow in rat pancreatic secretory epithelia. Pfliigers Arch 407:S107-S111 Exley PM, Fuller CM, Gallacher DV (1986) Potassium uptake in the mouse submandibular glands is dependent on chloride and sodium and abolished by piretanide. J Physiol (Lond) 378:97-108 Field MJ, Young JA (1973) Kinetics of Na transport in the rat submaxillary main duct perfused in vitro.

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