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By Fe Lisa Bencosme Clark Norton

Путеводитель по Доминиканской Республике из серии Hunter trip publications (на английском языке). В объемном издании представлена вся самая нужная, полезная и интересная информация об этом тропическом государстве. Здесь вы найдете сведения из истории страны, ее государственном устройстве, экономике, климате, флоре и фауне, культуре и обычаях. Большой раздел путеводителя посвящен информации практического характера: документам, необходимым для посещения Доминиканы, планированию поездки, вопросам размещения в отелях и общественного питания. В издании также представлены подробные сведения о столице страны - Санто Доминго и различных регионах государства, краткий англо-испанский разговорник и географические карты.

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Dominicans typically walk right up to the counter (without pushing or shoving) and – as if nobody else is there – say “joven” and begin placing their order. The bottom line is that if you stand around politely at the empañada stand waiting for the attendant to ask for your order, you might not get your lunch till dinner time. ) n Dress One’s appearance is a matter of extreme pride in Dominican culture, with even the poorest person going all out to look his or her absolute best in public. No matter how intense the heat, or whether they’re walking or Introduction Kissing is another form of greeting typical in Spanish cultures.

The result is an unusually rich variety of vegetation for the region. While most of the country’s virgin forests have fallen to the lumberman’s axe for timber or to open up land for growing crops and raising livestock, secondary-growth forests still cover nearly 30% of the country, with the largest tracts in the central mountains (now protected within Armando Bermúdez and Carmen Ramírez national parks). In the high mountains, Creole pines predominate. In the lower mountains and valley slopes, lush subtropical forests are most common, characterized by Hispaniolan mahogany, American muskwood, West Indian cedar, and several varieties of palm trees, as well as many types of ferns and bromeliads.

Its highest peaks top out around 6,500 feet. The Sierra de Bahoruco runs 44 miles from Haiti to the Caribbean, with three peaks surpassing 6,500 feet. Introduction plagued neighboring Haiti, and secondary-growth forests now blanket several protected mountain regions. 18 n Geography The Sierra de Neyba is separated from the Cordillera Central to the north by the Valle de San Juan, a semi-arid valley that runs 60 miles from Haiti to the Bahía de Ocoa along the Caribbean. To the south of the Sierra de Neyba is the Enriquillo Basin (also called the Valle de Neyba), site of the below-sea-level Lago Enriquillo, the country’s largest inland body of water.

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