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By Dr. H. van Dop, Prof. Dr. P. Fabian, Dr. H. Güsten, Dr. J. M. Hales, Dr. A. Wint (auth.)

Environmental Chemistry is a comparatively younger technology. curiosity during this topic, even if, is turning out to be very swiftly and, even though no contract has been reached as but in regards to the specific content material and boundaries of this interdisciplinary self-discipline, there seems to be expanding curiosity in seeing environmental subject matters that are in line with chemistry embodied during this topic. one of many first pursuits of Environmental Chemistry has to be the learn of our surroundings and of traditional chemical approaches which happen within the surroundings. a big function of this sequence on Environmental Chemistry, accordingly, is to give a pretty uniform view of varied elements of the chemistry of our environment and chemical reactions taking place within the surroundings. the economic actions of guy have given a brand new measurement to Environmental Chemistry. we've synthesized and defined over 5 million chemical substances and chemical produces approximately hundred and fifty million a whole lot man made chemical substances each year. We send billions of a whole bunch oil according to yr and during mining operations and different geophysical transformations, huge amounts of inorganic and natural fabrics are published from their common deposits. towns and metropolitan parts of as much as 15 million population produce huge amounts of waste in fairly small and limited components. a lot of the chemical items and waste items of contemporary society are published into the surroundings both in the course of creation, garage, delivery, use or final disposal. those published fabrics perform usual cycles and reactions and often bring about interference and disturbance of normal systems.

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3 and 4). According to Khalil and Rasmussen [39] the annual growth rates of the CFC1 3 abundance have been decreasing from more than 15% in 1975 to 5%/year in 1980, those for CF 2 Cl 2 from 1O%/year in 1976 to 5% /year in 1980. 0 I) for CFC-ll and CFC-12, respectively [40]. P. Fabian 30 • =a 8 = b > a. > 200 C> = h z x ~ O~~~--~-L--~~ 1970 1974 1978 S. H. 1982 19 70 YEAR 1974 1978 1982 N. H. Fig. 4. Measurements of CF 2Cl2 in the northern and southern hemispheres as a function of time. Each symbol represents data from a different group of investigators: a [41-44, 37,10]; b [49, 50]; c [51]; d [52, 53,17]; e [16 54-56,38]; f[59] , g [60]; h [40, 61].

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