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By P. J. H. Builtjes (auth.), Han van Dop (eds.)

Air pollutants continues to be an enormous environmental factor regardless of a long time of analysis and lots more and plenty legislative keep an eye on. In rec~nt instances, toxins on an international scale has turn into of specific challenge. The steadily altering con­ centration of hint gases within the worldwide troposphere because of man's task is becomming a question of great problem. No scientist might dare to pre­ dict intimately the results of this slow swap as a result of its great complexity related to social and financial elements and close to numerous chemical and phjsical cycles in our biosphere. during this chain of techniques, the delivery of pollutants is a vital issue, yet just a issue. hence, i want to stress that the mOdelling of atmospheric shipping is changing into a growing number of an task which inserts into greater frameworks and will not be exercised as a unmarried step, which bridges the distance among emissions and coverage measures. this can be additionally mirrored within the themes and papers that have been awarded at this convention. the themes have been: - emission invetories for and resource remedy in pollution dispersion types; - modelling of unintentional releases; - local and worldwide scale dispersion mOdelling; together with boundary layer-free troposphere trade procedures and subgrid scale parameter­ isations; - version verification and coverage implications; - new advancements in dispersion modelling and conception. fifty six papers have been offered in those sections. whereas many posters have been dis­ stubborn in a unique session.

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3. The importance of accurate emission data is underlined by the fact that when considering total Sulphur deposition the model results depend nearly exclusively on the emissions. This was brought out by a sensitivity tests performed with the Fourier-AmplitudeSensitivity-Test (FAST). f. Klug and Erbshäuser, (Water, Air, and SOil PoIl. 1988, in press). H. BUILTJES 1. Obviously, gridded emission data will be less accurate than totals over a country. I restrict myself here to country totals to have some possibility to compare calculated and measured concentrations resulting from lang range transport phenomena.

Legally, it is therefore of vital importance that Eulerian LRTAP models can be used for source attribution purposes. 29 Three approach es to this problem of source attribution have been proposed. Brief1y, these are as fo110ws: (i) The obvious concept of numerically 1abelling (or tagging) sulfur species by source groupings was independent1y suggested by AES and Batte11e, and was mentioned in a set of workshop reports edited by Barchet (1987). There has been some debate as to whether or not 1abe11ing wou1d work in a nonlinear system.

Finally, AES is committed to playing an active role in the main evaluation with the observational data base generated by the Eulerian Model Evaluation Field Study. DETAILS OF THE PLANNED SULFUR LABELLING SCHEME An UPDATE input stream to the ADOM code for the labelling of sulfur species by source groupings is now under preparation. S. ; sulfur species emitted from the Sudbury point source in Canada; sulfur species emitted from other sources in Canada. For the purposes of the labelling exercise, the model processes will be divided up into two categories.

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