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This can be extra of a reaction to the former comment. The code in query is located at the publishers web site (listed at the again cover). simply look for "ajax". it is at the left hand facet lower than "Downloads". For ease, i have incorporated the hyperlink.

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However, if you create a variable inside a function, like this: function adder(operand1, operand2) { var sum = operand1 + operand2; return sum; } then that variable is called a local variable, and it can only be used and accessed inside the same function. Putting It All Together with Operators You already know that you can add values using the + sign: function adder(operand1, operand2) { var sum = operand1 + operand2; return sum; } Chapter 2: Getting to Know JavaScript The plus sign, +, is the JavaScript addition operator.

Write and put to work a function named multiplier instead of adder, and pass two values to multiplier—and then display the resulting product. In JavaScript code, you multiply using the * symbol; for example, 6 * 6 = 36. Figure 2-8 Returning data from JavaScript functions 39 40 Ajax: A Beginner’s Guide Working with Variables JavaScript lets you store your data in variables, which are placeholders in memory, set up to hold that data. When you store data in variables, that data hangs around, ready for you to use.

Chapter 1: Figure 1-11 Downloading images with Ajax Figure 1-12 The Netflix top 100 Essential Ajax 13 14 Ajax: A Beginner’s Guide Figure 1-13 Ajax chess How about a game of chess? Net/PChess/, which appears in Figure 1-13. Move a piece simply by clicking it and then clicking the square you want to move it to. There are thousands and thousands of Ajax applications available, and by now you can see some of the potential. For example, imagine an online shopping site where you don’t have to go through four or five flickering screens to add something to your shopping cart—you just drag the item to a shopping cart icon and, behind the scenes, Ajax informs the server of your purchase.

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