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What part of speech is it? b. What words are found around it? c. What word or phrase could replace it? 2. In many countries, there are electronic signs along roads that zop drivers about dangers or problems ahead. These may be short-term dangers, such as an accident or bad weather, or longer-term problems, such as roadwork. Studies have shown, however, that drivers do not always notice these signs. To be sure that drivers are zopped about the condition of the road, the highway management service in Scotland has developed a new electronic system that sends messages directly to special 42 Vocabulary Building electronic systems built into the cars.

Study the prefixes that show relationships. In the items below, all of the words except one have a prefix with a meaning that shows a relationship. Working with another student, cross out the word that does not have a prefix. If necessary, you may use a dictionary. Prefixes Words that show relationships corn-, con- = with, together contra- = against ex- = out, from inter- = between sub- = under super- = above, over sym-, syn- = same, together tele- = distant committee = a group of people who work together contradict = to express the opposite of a statement exhale = to breathe out interpret = to translate one language to another subterranean = underground superstructure = the part of a building above ground synagogue = meeting place for Jewish religious services teleconference = a conference at which people are in different places and communicate by phone or video Word Parts 55 1.

Researchers have found significant differences in text organization between English and the Korean, German, Japanese, Arabic, and Athabaskan languages. It is logical to conclude from this that when people read in a second language they comprehend best the texts that meet their beliefs and expectations about the patterns of written language. To the extent that the patterns in the text of a second language are different from those of the first language, the reader is likely to have difficulty comprehending.

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