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Figures 24a) iliocostalis dorsi trigger and target areas. and 24b) treating the iliocostalis dorsi trigger. Symptoms Pain in the region of the trigger radiating round to the side. as well as pain in the lower abdomen on the same side. Treatment Pressure. chilling and stretching. Stretch by carefully bending forwards and to the side opposite the pain. 24b 69 ILIOCOSTALIS LUMBORUM 25 ILIOCOSTALIS LUMBORUM 25a Originates from the pelvic crest and runs upwards to insert on the lower aspects of the lower six ribs.

Symptoms Pain in the heel and in the tendon running down to it. Treatment By pressure, chilling and stretching. Straightening the leg and drawing the top ofthe foot towards the knee. 33b EXTENSOR DIGITORUM LONGUS 87 34 EXTENSOR DIGITORUM LONGUS 34a This llies on the outer side of the front of the lower leg. It arises the outer, upper aspect of the front shin bone (tibia) and from me front of the upper three-quarters of the posterior shin bone (fibula). It runs down to insert on the top of the outer four toes.

Function This muscle flexes the foot at the ankle and turns the foot outwards and bends it forwards. 'Just in front of and below the head of the fibula, the posterior shin ·b~ne. (This corresponds to Gall Bladder Point 34 in acupuncturel. Figures 36a) peroneus longus trigger and target areas. and 36b) treating the peroneus longus trigger. Symptoms Pain on the outer side of the back of the lower leg, running around the outside of the ankle. Treatment Pressure. chilling and stretching. Stretch by pointing the foot and turning it inwards.

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